Kalamouche will be on-air

Next Sunday on RDS at 11:30 Kalamouche will fish for Atlantic salmon on the Ste-Marguerite River with Pierre Jean! This is an invitation from the Zec de la rivière Sainte-Marguerite and its director Valérie Maltais.
A beautiful program not to be missed!


Broadcasting schedule

RDS     Kalamouche    2-26-2023       11:30:00

RDS     Kalamouche    2-27-2023       09:30:00

RDS     Kalamouche    3-1-2023         16:00:00

RDS     Kalamouche    3-2-2023         00:00:00

RDS2   Kalamouche    3-4-2023         09:30:00